7Artisans 28mm f/1.4 Lens

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M28mm F1.4 lens has advanced optical design and is developed for Full Frame rangefinder cameras. 7Artisans involved costly glass to obtain excellent quality. M28mm F1.4 lens formula consists of11 elements in 9 groups including one double-sided aspherical glass, two ED glass, and three High Refractive rare earth glass elements. This lens has taken full advantage of the material characteristics of each glass unit. It has improved optical performance from center to corner resulting to excellent image quality. 7artisans M28mm F1.4 is a great prime for various environmental portraits. It collects maximum light and provides ample view for street photography or architectural shots. Fast F1.4 aperture allows capturing great pictures whenever it is evening or indoor dim light conditions.

七工匠為了打造28MM F1.4這樣大師級焦段的旁軸鏡頭,不惜工本採用了一片雙面非球面玻璃,兩片ED玻璃,三片高折稀土玻璃,共9組11片光學玻璃鏡頭,極盡可能的充分利用了每一片玻璃的選材特性,從中心到邊角的畫質都有出色的表現,闡釋了這樣一個環境人像鏡頭,在室內狹小且昏暗的環境中,可以輕鬆獲得充裕的視角和進光量,甚至隨意記錄夜幕下的街道和建築。

Focal length: 28mm
Maximum aperture: F1.4
Minimum aperture: F16
Lens construction: 9elements in 11 groups
Angle of view: 75’
Aperture blades: 13
Closest focus: 0.7m
Lens Mount: leica M
frame: full frame