7Artisans 35mm F/2 F/2 Leica M mount

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This classic 35mm focal length is most suitable for taking pictures of people, street life, and landscapes. Shooting great moments involves more thinking and requires closer attention to composition. With a manual lens, you can really slow down to think more and take better pictures.

35mmF2.0徠卡口是特別針對徠卡相機而定制的鏡頭,它具備所有人文焦段的素質,經典的35mm焦段是拍攝人文 掃街 小品等最經典的焦段,拍攝這些題材更注重思考更注重思考構圖,用手動鏡頭可以讓你真正靜下心來思考和拍照。

Focal length: 35mm
Maximum aperture: F2.0
Minimum aperture: F16
Lens construction: 7elements in 5 groups
Angle of view: 63’
Aperture blades: 10
Closest focus: 0.7m
Lens Mount: leica M
frame: full frame